Sand and Gravel for Any Need

Sand & Gravel Delivery
Friendsville Sand offers sand & gravel delivery to the public and commercial companies alike. We promise low prices and wholesale rates open to everyone. We deliver sand and gravel throughout Lodi and all surrounding areas.

The term “aggregates” describes a granular or particulate material, suitable on its own, or with a binder such as cement. We use aggregates for a wide variety of purposes. One large industry that makes frequent use of aggregates is construction. Furthermore, almost every construction project will make use of aggregates in some way. For example, concrete is an aggregate combined with a cement binder that is used for many purposes, such as construction fill, bricks, and the construction of roads, driveways, or parking lots.

At Friendsville Sand, we mine sand and gravel ourselves and handle all the processing, crushing and sizing. Because of our hands-on approach to the entire process, we can offer a wide range of options to meet residential or commercial needs. Also, we handle the load out and delivery to your home, site, or other job location.

Use our aggregate quantity calculator to find the approximate amount of material you’ll need for a given volume.