About Friendsville Sand

Friendsville Sand delivers sand and gravel, year round, since 1997. The owner possesses 35 years of experience in the business of aggregate supply. At Friendsville Sand, we mine gravel & sand ourselves and handle all the processing, crushing and sizing.

Front of Friendsville Sand LP  Location
John Deere Front-end Loader

Because of our hands-on approach to the entire process, we can offer a wide range of options to meet residential or commercial needs. Also, we handle the load out and delivery to your home, site, or other job location. We offer sand and gravel delivery up to a 30 – 35 mile radius.

Friendsville Sand is dedicated to providing quality service, and quality aggregates, to all of our customers. Whether you’re looking for material to fill a small area in your front yard, or you need construction fill for a large commercial project, we can cater to you.